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Meet The Team

Rashmi Narsana

Rashmi Narsana
Senior Advisor

Rashmi has more than 18 years of nonprofit experience in management and leadership roles. She specializes in operations, business development, systems and process improvements, mergers, and acquisitions. She leads capacity building strategy projects that help organizations to create well-developed plans to achieve their goals through a research-informed and data-based process. Rashmi also serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Vermont, where she teaches Nonprofit Management, and Fundraising and Development. Rashmi has served on multiple nonprofit boards and has been actively involved with several nonprofits during her career.

After reviewing and submitting more than 500 proposals annually from Federal, State, Foundation and other funding sources for over 15 years, Rashmi realized there was no one central place for nonprofit organizations to access and identify quality consultants. This gave birth to CGT Connects: She led a year-long inquiry of interviews, meetings, surveys, all centered around answering these questions:

  • How do nonprofits build capacity? How do nonprofits strengthen their services? How can consultants support nonprofit organizations in achieving their goals?
  • Who are the key players in supporting nonprofit organizations?
  • Where are the current gaps in and barriers in providing support to nonprofit organizations?
  • And finally, how can we build an effective, responsive, and comprehensive community that supports both mission-driven organizations and impact-oriented consultants across the country?
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Courtney Tucker
Operations Director

Courtney has more than 8 years experience working in domestic and international nonprofits. She has specific expertise in the areas of program design and implementation, fund development, and human resource management and finds great joy in working with communities to identify challenges, design solutions, and implement responsive programs in a sustainable, community-centered way.


R Perry Monastero
Partnership Advisor

R Perry Monastero created RPM Consulting Group, LLC to advise nonprofit, political, and business leaders on how to enter a new market, start or update a campaign or fundraising initiative, strengthen a coalition, and to identify and develop the right processes and infrastructure for strategic growth. He brings over two decades of experience in capacity building and marketplace intelligence to customize fundraising, grantmaking, campaign, and strategic plans. Further, he serves entities during a plan’s implementation phase as well as on an interim basis for projects. In addition, Monastero has developed an expertise in working with new entities and first-time fundraising and marketing teams.

Jubin Kothari

Jubin Kothari
Senior Advisor

Jubin has led technology companies from startup to success by defining product vision and strategy, executing innovative customer solutions, and building go-to-market initiatives. Strong global team builder and leader.

Combining technical expertise and business acumen, possess the ability to recognize and seize emerging opportunities ahead of the competition. As an executive and as a consultant, established a consistent record of maximizing sales, profits, market share and stakeholder value in intensely competitive markets. With experience as a CTO, CPO and CEO, have a record of success…

• Defining innovative products and solutions, and bringing them to market
• Transforming ideas into profitable products and companies
• Developing new business including Blue-chip key accounts
• Starting new businesses and driving them to market leadership
• Making organizations attractive acquisition candidates

Sofritek Pvt. Ltd.
Technology Partner

Sofritek was started by a group of business leaders and technologists with the objective of creating a team that can take-on the data driven technological challenges of tomorrow.  Sofritek is an offshore software solutions company specializing in web-based and open-source technologies to solve interesting and challenging problems in enterprise architecture and large scale data engineering.

Our team, with their diversified domain expertise collectively has many years of experience in managing and delivering complex global outsourcing projects. Sofritek’s practice areas include designing and implementing big-data micro-service architectures, BI dashboarding, systems integration and software consulting. We manage project from conceptualization to delivery and support.Softritek has operating centers in India with it's headquarters in Chicago, USA.