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About Us


CGT Connects provides a platform to connect mission-driven organizations and consultants in a collaborative environment, empowering them to make an impact.

Achieve your goal and ours: Create Good Things

Nonprofit organizations are at the core of everything CGT Connects does. They are the reason we exist – to form a community of all the 1.5M+ nonprofits in the country and the consultants who support them.

Our Vision

To Create Good Things for the nonprofit community. More specifically, we are dedicated to the field of capacity building and providing support to nonprofit organizations— which we define as any intentional and sustained effort to improve an organization’s functioning operationally and programmatically— and improving the way it gets done.

Our Mission

To support and empower mission driven organizations and consultants to create an effective and impactful nonprofit community.

We achieve our mission by:

Creating Connections:  At the heart of CGT connects is to develop a diverse and extensive network of effective nonprofit professionals across the country. Thereby, engaging skilled professionals and nonprofit organizations in an intentional and meaningful way.

Creating Understanding:  Our Peer to Peer forum is an open platform for community members to connect freely. Pose a question or initiate a discussion about an idea or thought you may have with your peers. Our comprehensive array of assessments allow you to identify potential gaps in scope, structure your work optimally, and truly understand your project’s requirements.

Creating Confidence:  We take pride in ensuring that consultants are approved with valid and reliable references

Creating Quality and Value: We focus on continuous quality improvement, data-driven and cost-effective decisions. We made sure all services are FREE to nonprofits and consultants pay a minimal subscription fee with no commission and other hidden fees. This allows us to create an environment that has a positive impact on the communities  we all serve.

Our Values

At CGT Connects, we strive to demonstrate and inspire the following professional values, both in our own work and in that of the teens we serve:

Affordable: CGT Connects values and honors the nonprofit community challenges. Our services are free to nonprofit organizations. We don't charge a commission of projects to consultants making our services affordable and valuable so you can go ahead and deliver on impact without hurting your bottomline! Access the right resources at the right time and at the right price.

Inclusive:  CGT Connects understands the importance of bringing an open platform that is built on on quality work and references. We welcome everyone to join the community and openly network without being biased . There is no “inner circle”.

Excellence:  CGT Connects works to achieve excellence by advancing a culture of responsibility, accountability and sustainability as we continuously enhance both the quality of our services for the community we serve and the efficiency of our operations.

Reliable:  CGT Connects recognizes the value of reliability among members, partners and affiliates. We strive to pursue the greater good by being a reliable and trustworthy source of information and resources.

Respect:  CGT Connects respects, supports and encourages the diversity, talent, creativity, energy and dedication of our members, partners and affiliates.

Commitment:  CGT Connects is committed to impacting and engaging our members, partners and affiliates with meaningful opportunities for professional growth, and to positively impacting the communities we serve throughout the country.

Innovation:  CGT Connects  demonstrates innovation and leadership by providing new opportunities and experiences to nonprofits and consultants who participate in our services, and by encouraging our staff to develop, share and implement best practices in serving the nonprofit community.

We invite you to join our community. Achieve your goal and ours:
Create Good Things.

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Meet the Team

Courtney Tucker

Business Development Lead

Courtney has more than 8 years experience working in domestic and international nonprofits. She has specific expertise in the areas of program design and implementation, fund development, and human resource management and finds great joy in working with communities to identify challenges, design solutions, and implement responsive programs in a sustainable, community-centered way.

Rashmi has more than 15 years of nonprofit experience in management and leadership roles. She specializes in business development, systems and process improvements, mergers and acquisitions and operations.

R Perry Monastero

Senior Advisor

R Perry Monastero created RPM Consulting Group, LLC to advise nonprofit, political, and business leaders on how to enter a new market, start or update a campaign or fundraising initiative, strengthen a coalition, and to identify and develop the right processes and infrastructure for strategic growth. He brings over two decades of experience in capacity building and marketplace intelligence to customize fundraising, grantmaking, campaign, and strategic plans. Further, he serves entities during a plan’s implementation phase as well as on an interim basis for projects. In addition, Monastero has developed an expertise in working with new entities and first-time fundraising and marketing teams.

Jubin Kothari

Senior Advisor

As a CTO & CPO, Jubin Kothari has managed & built innovative products for companies in online consumer services, e-Commerce, real estate, adtech, and energy industries and has driven them to success and profitability.