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FAQ: Non-Profit

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Is there a fee for nonprofit organizations to join CGT Connects?

CGT Connects truly believes in empowering the nonprofit community and building capacity. There is no fee for nonprofit organizations to post projects , access the discussion forum, and search for consultants online. The website access is 100% free for nonprofits.

Customized services fees for nonprofit organizations are based on the scope and size of request. More information can be obtained by sending us a message on the contact us page.

Can anyone post projects?

This service is exclusive for the nonprofit community, to ensure access to quality consultants. If an consultant that is not a nonprofit wishes to post projects they can use the discussion forum to engage other consultants and nonprofits.

Can a nonprofit organization submit more than 1 project request at a time?

Yes, a nonprofit organization can submit as many projects as required. Each project will  be inactive after 45 days of publishing. If an organization wishes to extend the "active project" date, then the organization can re-publish the project from its profile page.  

What type of services will CGT Connects provide for customized services?

CGT Connects can provide a host of services to a nonprofit organization. CGT Connects can specifically help with defining the scope of work, writing and developing the formal project request, reviewing proposals from consultants, interviewing finalists and helping nonprofit organizations make the most effective decisions in the consultant choosing process.

Can nonprofit organizations view other projects and participate in peer to peer discussions?

All nonprofit organizations that have registered as nonprofit organizations can participate in peer to peer discussions. Nonprofit organizations can only view their respective projects and cannot view projects posted by other organizations.


Have more questions? Send us a message via the contact us page and we will get back to you promptly.