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FAQ: Consultants

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How will the references be contacted for consultants?

CGT Connects will use a reference questionnaire with pre-set questions to interview your references. The pre-set questionnaire can be found here. Each reference will be contacted three times (via phone and email combined). If CGT Connects does not hear back from the reference within two weeks of the third try, the reference will no longer be contacted. Please make sure your reference is aware of CGT Connects and is willing to provide a reference. Remember nonprofit organizations prefer reference approved consultants. Saves time.

How are projects shared with consultants?

CGT Connects system will collect and send an email alert to all subscribed consultants at the end of the day. This will allow equal access for all participating consultants to gain access to projects.

How will CGT Connects ensure no one consultant is favored over the other?

CGT Connects does not and will not endorse any specific consultants. As long as all consultants are paying members of CGT Connects, they will all have equal access to the projects and all project requests and alerts will be sent to all members. When a nonprofit organization will request customized services for identifying and searching specific consultants, CGT Connects will use its database to identify all consultants that match the key words and specific requirements to the nonprofit organizations. This search will be shared with the nonprofit organization, who will then make the decision to move forward with a specific consultant based on the consultant profile. CGT Connects will not make or influence the nonprofit decision to choose a specific consultant over another.

Are consultants with no nonprofit experience allowed to register?

Yes. CGT Connects is an open platform for great talent. We will make sure all consultants get the opportunity to create a profile.

What is CGT Connects revenue model?

CGT Connects like any other similar service provider does not take a percentage or commission from consultants or nonprofit organizations. We believe that consultants and nonprofit organization should not have to share their hard-earned income with a service provider. CGT Connects charge a nominal annual subscription fee to consultants to make sure we are sustainable and keep the service going. We do not charge commission and eliminate the middle-man, allowing the community to have better access to services and offerings and creating impact without hurting the bottom line.

Can Consultants view projects and participate in the Peer to Peer Discussions?

All consultants that have completed their profile and have fully paid the subscription fees to CGT Connects will be allowed to access projects and participate in Peer to Peer Discussions.

Can Consultants post projects?

If a consultant is a nonprofit organization then they can post projects and will have access to the projects that they post using the same login feature.

If a consultant that is not a nonprofit and would like to post projects, then the consultant can use the discussion forum to engage with other consultants for projects or directly contact consultants from the databse.

How can consultants cancel their subscription?

Consultants can select "cancel my subscription" from their profile dashboard and cancel at anytime. Please refer to terms of subscription for refunds.

How do consultants provide written notice of canceling subscription?

Consultants can send a written notification to us from the contact us page to cancel subscription or cancel subscription from the profile dashboard.

Have more questions? Send us a message via the contact us page and we will be sure to respond promptly.