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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nonprofit Organizations


What is the revenue model for CGT Connects?

CGT Connects is a free service for all nonprofit organizations. Unlike any other similar service provider does not take a percentage or commission from consultants. We believe that consultants and nonprofit organizations should not have to share their hard-earned income with a service provider. CGT Connects charges a nominal annual subscription fee (see terms and payments) to consultants to make sure we are sustainable and keep the service going. CGT Connects charges a  nominal fee to nonprofit organizations requesting customized RFP services if a nonprofit organization requires us to do so. All projects are posted for free.

Is CGT Connects open for third-party collaborations and partnerships?

Absolutely. CGT Connects is about creating a community. We are open to all partnerships, collaborations and affiliations opportunities. Reach out to us from the contact us page to learn more.